About this website

I like to communicate with other landscape photographers to share experiences, explore ideas and look at images; it’s not about stealing ideas, it’s about learning from one another.

Getting the message out that we have a beautiful and diverse environment that deserves our protection so that we, and the generations who follow, can continue to appreciate it and make art with it.

Sharing work and ideas with an global audience has never been easier. It’s my goal that through the web I can communicate with fellow photographers and perhaps non-photographers about the beauty of our world.


About Me



An interest in photography became a passion when I discovered landscape photography as a genre. Being able to connect with the physical world be it urban, rural, coastal, woodland or wilderness and have time to appreciate the varieties of light, weather and seasons and how they influence our environment keeps me engaged as photographer.

My preference is to portray the landscape to capture the mood and emotions it stirs in us. Pretty much the first thing we do in the morning is to look out of the window to see what the light is like and how the weather might shape our day. In my mind I have just taken that norm to its conclusion.

I view landscape photography as a privilege. It has allowed me to witness sunrises sunsets, storms and many different events that will never be repeated and capture them. I love to look at landscape photographs and I hope someone viewing my images enjoys looking at them.