On the Dunes

Sunset light falling sea grass growing on sand dunes at the Lincolnshire coast against a pink sunset sky with clouds.

Sunset, Mablethorpe Dunes, Lincolnshire

I live just a few miles  away from spectacular sand dunes which began to form during the reign of Elizabeth I. They have micro environments, an array of wild flowers and are home to deer and other wildlife; I have never photographed them! Why? Because they are on my doorstep and are overlooked in favour of more iconic locations. I think its time I put this right and have begun a year long project to photograph the dunes from Saltfleet to Mapplethorpe on the Lincolnshire Coast.  A year to complete the project will allow me to capture the dunes through the seasons and in the words of President Kennedy, not because its easy but because its hard. Having begun the project I realise I have avoided the dunes because I thought I would struggle to make acceptable images, my reticence was confirmed to me when I began the project a week ago. However, I have now made my first images and look forward to making more. It will be a challenge. Here’s the first photo, let me know what you think.