Worth the Wait?

Gate in the Hole of Horcum

Gate, Hole of Horcum – August 2014

A summer Saturday in August the North Yorkshire Moors beckon, the heather will be in full colour. My mind is made up, the Hole of Horcum (a natural geological feature on the A169 between Pickering and Whitby) is my objective. The weather forecast is promising, changeable conditions with showers promises to deliver the quality of light I want; variable cloud will add interest to the sky. One problem; it rained all day. Rather than give in, I waited and waited putting my water proof clothing to the test exploring the location looking for compositions that didn’t emulate other photographers work. The wait for rain to reduce to a level that allowed me to set up my camera and tripod and for a hint of light of the landscape took me to 6.15pm. Walking up a steep path through a gate, I looked behind (something I routinely do when looking for images) form where I had walked to notice the angled bar on the gate echoing the slope of the hill and patch of heather. This recognition was the spur to making the image. The lighting was not overly dramatic but the dynamic range of the scene was difficult to manage, it required .9 (hard) and .75 (soft) ND graduated filters to retain detail in the brightest part of the sky. The tones, texture and shapes presented and the discord of the closed gate blocking the way into the scene, off set by the yellow arrow pointing the way became the creative idea for the image. I had to work quickly, before the brief glimpse of sun giving drama to the sky disappeared. I fitted my Fuji X series 14 mm lens to my Fuji X Pro 1, put my Lee filter system on and fitted the 2 grads. I exposed 1 frame before the light disappeared and the rain increased. I  increased contrast and applied sharpening in Lightroom 5 during post production.

The image has received a mixed reception some like it, some don’t. It’s growing on me, I like because, to me, it conveys my thought processes which lead me to make the photograph in the first place.

Was it worth the wait and getting wet, I think so.